Casa Horizonte



We work to provide our kids with the warmth of a home and at the same time provide medical care and education so that they are prepared to face any challenges that they may face. Casa Horizonte is a home where special needs children can feel loved and protected, and at the same time a place where people can visit and be blessed.

Home & Family

Each child lives in a well-knit community with the staff and the other children at the home as a full-time, familial support system. They eat meals together, attend group play therapy, and are truly family for each other under a safe, happy roof.

There are currently 9 children under the care of the 11 staff member of Casa Horizonte. The kids names are: Isabel, Juanito, Carlitos, Claudia, Jessica, Lady, and Ashley. Read more about the kids through our stories

Child Development

The staff at Casa Horizonte pays attention to detail when it comes to the individual, holistic development of each child. Constant care is given to integrating play therapy, real education, and healthy habits into life at the home every single day.