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Restaurant Tips For Servers

restaurant Tips

Restaurant Tips For Servers

Restaurant Tips can be giving to the restaurant staff to help them run their business more efficiently. Most people are willing to pay for food and drinks because they are a necessity in life. However, if they are not handled well, the customers will shun them out of the restaurant and never return. The tips that are given to the restaurant staff are an expression of appreciation on the part of the customer. They know that if they have a good impression of the restaurant, the person who comes in may want to do some more business with them.

When you give restaurant tips, it is always a good idea to give them a written note. This way, if the bill was neglected, the person can get a written verification of what was paid as a tip. If they don’t have a written record, the customer might dispute the payment and that will only cause the problem to escalate. The employee will feel better about themselves when they know exactly what has been paid as a gratuity.

Many restaurants are now beginning to give their employees restaurant tips as well. Pooled gratuities are a good idea if there are many servers in the kitchen. The gratuity that is pooled is split fairly between all of the servers based upon how much each of them has contributed. The less money that the servers earn, the less they have to share with other employees. It is usually up to the management of the establishment to decide how much money the servers should be paid for pooling.