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Beverage Types


Beverage Types

A beverage is any liquid meant for human consumption intended for consumption by humans. Aside from their basic purpose of soothing thirst, beverages play various important roles in modern society. Common types of beverages include juice, milk, water and other soft drinks.

Commonly consumed beverages include tea, coffee, and hot chocolate besides the other non-alcoholic beverages. Juice is one of the most popular types of beverages. It is made by juicing various fruits including oranges, melons and grapes into juices that are then consumed with meals or as snacks. Milk is the most popular drink among all the beverages. Although milk has a bad odor, milk offers nutritional benefits and is also a great source of calcium, protein and iron among other essentials needed by the body.

Non-alcoholic drinks are much better than energy drinks because it is derived from natural ingredients that offer far better health benefits than energy drinks which are basically manufactured and processed drinks. They are also less calorie-intensive drinks, which makes them appropriate for those who are watching their weight and for those on diets. These drinks are readily available at supermarkets, drugstores and markets alike. However, it is recommended that you order non-alcoholic drinks through your favorite beverage supplier rather than just going straight to the supermarket or market.