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The Many Types of Beverages


The Many Types of Beverages

A beverage is simply a liquid designed for human consumption intended for consumption by humans. Besides their basic purpose of satisfying thirst, beverages play many important roles in modern society. Examples of beverages are soda, tea, milk and fruit juices.

A very popular beverage is juice. This liquid is prepared from the juice extracted from various fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and nuts and can vary greatly in taste depending on the variety. Common varieties of juice include carrot juice, cranberry juice, lemon juice, and grape juice. Some other juices that are gaining popularity include soybean and green vegetable juice. Surprisingly, one beverage that is not often thought of as a juice is vanilla extract.

Tea has a long history in both the Eastern and the Western world. It is one of the earliest known beverages and was used by ancient Chinese as medicine and was even mentioned in the Bible. Today, in addition to tea there are several hundred thousand different types of tea made around the world. However, the most well-known beverage is coffee. Most people think of coffee when they think of the word beverage but there are actually thousands of other types of coffee drinks including cappuccino and lattes. Lattes are an alcoholic beverage similar to tea that is made with sweetened milk.