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Introduction to Beverage


Introduction to Beverage

A beverage is a liquid prepared for human consumption intended for consumption by people. In addition to simply satisfying thirst, beverages play important social roles within society. One of the most important functions has been the role of beverage in social settings such as parties, celebrations and sports events. Common varieties of beverages include juice, milk, water and cold beverages.

The word beverage itself denotes the liquid that is consumed. Therefore, the word beverage is used to describe drinks as well as other foods that have certain liquid in them to facilitate digestion and physical exercise. Common examples of liquids prepared for ingestion are ice-cream, beer, fruit juices, non-alcoholic teas, cordial, and distilled water. Traditionally, warm drinks such as hot tea, coffee, and sweetened milk have served the purpose of warming the body.

In the twentieth century, new beverages such as orange juice, coffee, tea, distilled water and sugar became popular and gradually replaced traditional warm drinks, leading to the rise of a new beverage – the fast food restaurant. The rising popularity of fast food chain restaurants led to the modernization of beverage preparation and served beverage options to cater the needs of restaurant customers. Today, there is an extensive variety of beverages available in the market. Beverages are made from many natural and artificial ingredients. Some of the more popular beverages are flavored drinks such as ice tea, ginger ale, lemonade, orange sherbet, sports drinks and flavored waters such as purified or spring water.