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The Health Benefits of Alcoholic Beverages


The Health Benefits of Alcoholic Beverages

A beverage is usually a thick liquid meant for consumption. Apart from their primary purpose of satisfying thirst, beverages also play various other functions in modern society. Common varieties of beverages include juice, milk, plain water and cold beverages such as hot chocolate, coffee and tea.

Generally, alcoholic beverages are considered unhealthy because of the high level of alcohol in them, which can cause intoxication and increase the possibility of developing complications such as cirrhosis, cancer of the liver, and so on. However, even though alcoholic beverages are known to be bad for your health, a large number of people consume them every day. Some people start drinking alcoholic beverages at an early age while others start drinking only when they have become addicted. Many teens regularly drink alcoholic beverages. Most college students occasionally consume alcoholic beverages as well, because they are often offered with inexpensive drinks during school celebrations.

There are many health benefits provided by alcoholic beverages, particularly if one consumes it in excess. Consuming excessive amounts of any beverage can result in damage to major organ systems, which can eventually lead to death. Alcoholic beverages do not only provide the basic nutrients required for the body; they also contain calories, which can add up to a person’s weight. Consuming too much of any beverage can also have negative effects on one’s dental health, because some of the beverages, especially those high in sugar content, can create cavities and tooth decay. Drinking too much of any beverage can also lead to diabetes and related problems such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.