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Restaurant Marketing That Works


Restaurant Marketing That Works

If you own a restaurant, you know that it is a lot harder to sell the restaurant itself than it is to sell the food and beverages to the customers. If you don’t have a strong marketing program in place for your restaurant, you may find that most of your customers will walk right off into another establishment that is willing to pay your restaurant owner millions of dollars to sit down and dine at their restaurant. While restaurant advertising and marketing are not cheap, if you use a proven restaurant marketing plan that offers a good return on investment, you can reap the rewards by bringing in more customers.

A strong restaurant marketing campaign is a combination of creative restaurant design that appeals to current customers, strong marketing on radio and television, restaurant newsletters, and the inclusion of the restaurant on the Internet. The restaurant websites should be designed by someone who understands how to draw in customers with appealing design and interesting content. You want your website to be something your customers remember and visit time again. They want to feel like they are at home at the restaurant where their favorite restaurant is.

It is also essential that you use strong marketing on the telephone. Having a friendly voice on the telephone, or even an answering machine that plays appropriate restaurant jokes, will get more people in the restaurant to remember you and come back again. You may also want to look into offering complimentary breakfast or afternoon tea to customers who stay in the restaurant long enough to take advantage of the complimentary services. If you want to be remembered as the restaurant where great food is made every day, you need to make sure your restaurant marketing program is comprehensive.