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The Role Of Food In Our Nutrition


The Role Of Food In Our Nutrition

Food is any material consumed to supply nutrition to an organism. It may be vegetable, fruit, grain, etc, or may be of a combination of these materials. The term food actually refers to the whole load of material which is required to deliver nutrients to an organism. The more nutritious food is, the more that body can use it for energy production, and in turn reduce the level of fat cells that are present in the body. Thus, food intake needs to be balanced both on the synthetic/natural level and on the total available resources.

When a man eats foods, he consumes what he can eat comfortably; this means that his hunger pangs will not be satiated by the consumption of more than one food, each of which can provide only a small portion of the necessary nourishment. In order to meet the requirements of all the organisms that exist on this planet, man has invented food combinations; these combinations are measured in calories, which represent the amount of fuel that they can provide to the body. Thus, the aim of nutrition is to ensure that all the different species of organisms are able to sufficiently utilize calories so that their growth, health, and reproduction are not adversely affected.

Nutrition therefore refers to the process of matching the nutrient content of a food with the energy that it can provide to the body so that the growth and health of all the organisms can be maintained. Thus, food is the major factor responsible for ensuring the survival of all the species on this planet. It therefore stands to reason that in order to maintain life and create new life, the nutritionists of this world have worked very hard to come up with food combinations that will meet the needs of all the different species on this planet so that they can survive. However, food is only one of the factors that are involved in nutrition; other factors include the amount of time that food has to be stored, the temperature at which it is cooked, the manner in which it is prepared, the variety in which it is prepared, the way in which it is distributed, and finally the manner in which it is consumed.