Restaurant Tips – What Are They and Why Do You Give Them?

Restaurant Tips are given to the customers by restaurant owners and managers to increase sales of their respective restaurants. The tips given are usually a percentage of the entire restaurant’s revenue or profit. However, restaurant tips are not only given for the increase in revenue or profit. Some restaurateurs also give tips to their employees such as the type of food to serve, special drinks that they should offer and other useful tips that will benefit both the restaurant and the employees. Most of the restaurants follow a fixed pattern with regards to tipping. However, there are some restaurants who vary the tip according to the service provided by the employees and the ambiance of the restaurant.

Restaurant Tips can also be given to the bussers who bring food from one place to another. If the busser is able to bring enough food to the customer, then the gratuities will automatically be given. Restaurant owners and managers usually provide users with restaurant tips when the total amount of money earned from the sale of their meal is higher than usual. There are times when the buses also offer coupons that can be used for free meals at selected restaurants. Usually, the restaurant tips for the users are negotiable since the amount that is being paid by the bus driver to bring the food to the customer is almost equal to the amount which he would get if he offers vouchers.

In fact, the trend of tipping has started even before many restaurants started operating. This practice had begun when waitresses were employed in restaurants. Waitresses usually receive small tips from their customers because they are able to cover the cost of their food, plus their expenses such as gas or coffee. However, since this practice is becoming more widespread, many restaurateurs have started providing restaurant tips to every employee to encourage good quality service. Restaurant tips are also given when a certain percentage of food is increased during off-peak hours. Another way of encouraging people to be good tippers is to increase the availability of services such as baby sitters, valet parking and credit card machines to eliminate tipping to the customers.