What is Your Favorite Type of Beverage?

A beverage is a specific liquid meant for human consumption intended for internal use. Beverages also play significant roles in contemporary culture. Many common everyday forms of beverages are either consumed as a beverage or used as a vehicle for its consumption. Other beverages are designed to enhance the flavor of food, while still others are designed to neutralize the flavor of food. Common forms of beverages include juice, plain water, milk and even hot chocolate. In addition, other more exotic beverages such as Amaretto, Vodka, Da Vinci and Svedic wine have become more popular in recent years.

The word beverage comes from the Latin word basa which means sweet. This is probably where the association between sweet and drink came from. In addition, alcoholic beverages were often served as part of the festivities in Greek and Roman societies. In many countries today, alcoholic beverages are treated with respect as they are a custom.

In the West, however, beer and wine are typically regarded as the beverages of choice when it comes to enjoying a cold beverage. Wine is the more widely recognized beverage of choice for drinking with dinner. Wine is also often consumed at parties as an open-faced alcoholic drink. Beer is not so much considered a beverage as it is a type of food. People will typically order a beer, bread, salad and lemonade for a light meal and a glass of wine for a heavier meal.